Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Summer Days

Hello Dolls...
I hope everyone is doing well. I know I've been M.I.A once again. But the past 2 month many changes have happen we finally made the decision to move back to the USA with that said I had completely forgot how much I hated to move and especially with a one year old little baby boy. And let me just add his a little cookie monster and I think he runs on energizer batteries.
So finally everything is packed and ready to go. We have moved out of our apartment in Curitiba and we are currently in Sao Paulo with my in-laws enjoying the summer and our last few months in Brazil. Have a great week :)



FelisJunior said...

...que blog bonito...parabéns!
Você está, nos EUA, ou no Brasil?

Boa semana!


Susi 142-B said...

Oi....Obrigada pelo carinho no meu blog. Por enquanto eu estou no Brasil (interior de SP). Mais eu sou uma Americana/Boliviana apaixonada por um Brasileiro. Hehehe
Boa semana! E volte sempre....Beijos

dri_nk said...

Hi Suzie!!!!

Enjoy your last weeks here in Brasil and don't forget us!!! :)