Monday, October 10, 2011

Inspiration Look - Converse All Star

(via Google)

Hi Dolls

Just wanted to share this comfortable and chic look I found on Jules blog. I love her style. Everything looks perfect on her. Im loving this look becuase it looks so chic but at the same time very comfortable and now that I have 2 kids it's always nice to be able to where some converse and still look chic. Couple years ago I didn't even own a pair now Im up to 3 pairs I'm absolutely loving my silver pair. They usually add a little sparkle to my outfits.

Enjoy and next time you dont feel like wearing heels try a pair of converse with your outfit ;)



dri_nk said...

I always try flats and end on heels :)

Susie do you believe I have only ONE pair of tennis shoes????
And I almost never wear them.


Susi 142-B said...

LOL....Trust me I believe you.....but just wait in till you have kids than your going to have a collection of tennis shoes...hehehe