Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday and Great News

You know how most people hate Mondays, well I´m loving the fact that today is Monday and I just receive great news. I just got invited to go on a little trip to Washington , DC my hometown for a week and shop shop shop. No, not shop for me but for my friends store here in Brasil but it´s ok. At least I´ll get to see my family and friend for a few days, plus I can´t stay to long away from my babies. How is your Monday going??

GoodBye Summer

Summer flew by and I´m not ready for the cold weather to arrive. Here in Curitiba summer goes by so quickly it only last for 2 months to be honest with you. We usually have spring weather and than it goes right into winter where it gets really cold and sometimes I just can´t beleive I live in a tropical country.
When my friends from the states call me and ask me how the weather is and I tell them it freezing cold they laugh and think its a joke, but no joke here in Curitiba is so cold thatt i have to wear a heavy coat and gloves.
Well we had an amazing summer here is a pictures of our last hot summer weekend out in the town with my princess Alanny.
Daddy and Nicolas

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather where ever you are.