Friday, November 11, 2011

Have a Great Weekend!

Any plans for the weekend? How is the weather where your at? Here in Brazil is about 100 degrees and I intend to spend my entire weekend floating in the pool to cool off. What ever you do this weekend, I hope you a great one.


Rafaela said...

hi susie,
how are you doing?
long time no talk, right?
are u back from dc already?


Susie 142-B said...

Hi Rafaela,
I'm doing good thanks. How are you? Yes, I'm back in Brasil from DC but I'm currently in SP spending some time with my in-laws before we move back to the states. I hope your doing well and keep in touch so when I visit Curitiba we can meet up. Kisses

dri_nk said...

Hi Susie!!!

Are you here in Curitiba??? Dont forget to call me for lunch :)