Sunday, April 25, 2010

4 months to go.........

The greatest part about being pregnant aftert a 7 year wait is that you completly forget how it was to be pregnant. I feel like everything is new and that I was never pregnant before because from what I remenber my last pregancy was so different or maybe its just been to long. But it´s ok Im just enjoying it to the fullest and taking full advantage of it. 4 month from todays date is my due date. yayaa So excited we´re more than half way to go. Now to choose a name. Any ideas??


Natalie Catherine said...

i'm 27 weeks pregnant and stuck on names too!! you look gorgeous pregnant! you go mama!

Susie R. Medeiros said...

Thanks Hon :)It´s so funny cause just today I was telling my hubby about your blog and how much I love it, especially your last post cause I feel the same way and so does my doctor with my weight. You look amazing!!! And the belly awwww it´s so cute:)